Since State Farm opened for business in 1922, the Company remains dedicated to the needs of customers, and to the safety of all motorists and homeowners across the nation. The Company’s goal is to understand customers’ needs and wants and help them manage and recover from risk – whether on the road or at home.

State Farm conducts qualitative, quantitative, and user-experience research to inform efforts. State Farm uses a research-to-action philosophy as a guide for many efforts.

State Farm studied emerging vehicle technologies and materials, including potential repair options for carbon fiber wheels. Repair techniques are shared with State Farm claim representatives through training and communication with the Claims Research Auto Support Hotline (CRASH).

State Farm is a founding member company of the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS). IIHS conducts vehicle crash tests, often using anthropomorphic test devices (dummies) to determine potential injury to occupants and provide safety ratings based on their evaluations. These safety ratings help consumers make informed vehicle purchase decisions.

In the early 2000s, State Farm used claim data to determine the most dangerous intersections across the country and offered local municipalities grants to fund improvements.

State Farm researched alternate powertrains for battery electric vehicles (BEVs) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) to understand the technological challenges involved in insuring and repairing these vehicles.

State Farm studied potential procedures for repairing advanced composite carbon fiber body panels without compromising the structural integrity and safety of the parts. This may be more advantageous than replacing these expensive parts.

State Farm frequently works with Original Equipment Manufacturers to develop repair options when replacement parts are scarce. When removable hardtops were in short supply and very expensive, State Farm worked with manufacturers on repair options to match existing textures and finish.

Exposed car parts present unique requirements in matching carbon fiber patterns. State Farm researched advanced composites on exposed carbon fiber to identify potential repair opportunities.

Event data recorders (EDRs) record critical electronic component information. State Farm identified and interpreted data captured from EDRs, building awareness of state and federal legislation about data ownership.

While air bags are an important safety component, they are also known to increase repair costs through direct and indirect damage when they deploy. State Farm researched solutions to limit damage through innovations such as multistage deployment and limiting air bag deployments when no passengers are present.

Hail can cause catastrophic vehicle damage, resulting in total loss of vehicles deemed too expensive to repair. State Farm conducted extensive research on paintless dent repair as a viable repair alternative for vehicles’ hail damage.

One common failure associated with freezing pipes is leaving a garden hose attached to an external faucet during cold weather. State Farm research focused on proper installation, use, and failure points. To avoid frozen pipes, disconnect garden hoses before cold weather sets in.

Products labeled as meeting United States standards are often imported without testing or validation. These products are often of substandard quality, causing fires when they overheat. State Farm research focused on the identification of these products and policyholder education/awareness.

One common cause of fires in homes is faulty electrical system components. State Farm research focused on the proper use of components such as Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) and Arc Fault Circuit Interrupters (AFCI), as well as overall electrical leading practices and safety.

Cooking fires are the No. 1 cause of fires in the home. State Farm research focused on new products aimed at mitigating fire risk, including cooking fires.

PEX plastic piping is a newer plumbing product in the United States. State Farm researched the performance of this product in freezing conditions compared to other pipes, such as copper and plastic. Research also focused on proper installation techniques and policyholder awareness.

Common uses of PVC piping include drain systems, plumbing systems, and sump pump installations. State Farm researched the performance of this product in freezing conditions compared to other pipes, such as copper and PEX. Additional research focused on proper installation techniques and policyholder awareness.

Recycled roofing materials are an alternative to common asphalt roofing products. State Farm compared recycled roofing to traditional roofing in terms of impact resistance, weathering, and durability.

State Farm was instrumental in developing the Underwriters Laboratory standard UL2218 to measure the impact resistance of roofing materials. As a result of the research, State Farm began offering a discount to policyholders who installed impact-resistant roofing materials on their homes.

Hail damage to siding is a major cause of losses to homeowners. State Farm research focused on the impact resistance of siding materials.

Cooking fires can result in extensive losses. State Farm researched and prototyped cooking vessels, like smart pans, that help prevent cooking fires.

Categories of surge protectors include service entrance surge protectors, whole-house surge protectors in the panel, and point-of-use surge protectors. State Farm research focused on testing and validating the effectiveness of surge protectors in the United States.

Washing machine hoses are a common source of water leaks in the home. Homeowners can check and replace these hoses easily. Manufacturers recommend that these hoses be replaced every five to ten years. State Farm research focused on the installation, use, and failure of these hoses.

Water heater drain pans are a common source of water damage in homes. A properly installed drain pan can protect a home from water damage when a water heater leaks. State Farm research focused on the installation, use, and failure of drain pans, and on policyholder awareness and education.

Shut-off valves are used to stop water flow after you're done using it, or away from home for an extended period of time.

Many types of wood can be used as flooring materials, varying in cost and durability. State Farm research focused on the proper identification of wood types and potential repair methods.

State Farm research focused on the durability and fire resistance of wood shingles.