The problem

High winds in the form of tropical depressions (winds less than 39 mph), tropical storms (winds 39 mph or higher), hurricanes (winds higher than 74 mph), and tornadoes cause devastating loss of life and property every year. Debris hurled around during hurricanes and tornadoes can become deadly projectiles. While manufacturers work to develop building materials capable of withstanding such missiles, not all materials are created equal.

State Farm involvement

For years, State Farm has studied wind-related losses to better understand how buildings are damaged in events such as hurricanes and tornadoes, and researched ways to mitigate these losses. State Farm built a hurricane-proof house in Deerfield Beach, Florida. The Good Neighbor House opened to the public in 1998 to demonstrate wind damage-resistant building practices.

The impact

State Farm often shares its knowledge with consumers and the construction industry to highlight products that can resist damage from strong winds. State Farm research and participation on building codes and standards committees have strengthened code standards for wind-resistant building.