In January 1999, State Farm opened The Research and Innovation Laboratory (TRAIL) in Bloomington, Illinois. The research team located at this 26,000 square foot facility offers a broad range of expertise which includes architectural design, construction materials, and building codes and standards.

The TRAIL team uses research, data, and business knowledge to educate policyholders and the public on various building-related issues. It promotes data-driven industry change to help protect homes and businesses. The team also evaluates, develops, and/or promotes technologies and other solutions that help policyholders manage the risks associated with owning or renting a home.

The collective knowledge and capabilities at TRAIL help State Farm meet customers’ needs today and into the future by providing innovative, research-based solutions.

(Source: Insurance Information Institute)

Explore this interactive 360 video for an inside look at our TRAIL facility.

Interactive 3D visual tour of the Research and Innovation Lab